Rehearsals and Meetings

Each quarter, we meet weekly from the first rehearsal to the last concert. We post exceptions and additional information about rehearsals below. Rehearsals are Wednesdays, 7:30 to 9:30 pm. at Music Center of the Northwest, 901 N 96th St.

Sectionals may have a different location or be a different day of the week.

Spring 2021
Wed Apr 21 7:30 pm Sectionals
Wed Apr 28 7:30 pm Regular Rehearsal
8:30 pm Break with Refreshments by Violas
8:40 pm Continue
Wed May 05 6:30 pm Board Meeting
7:30 pm Regular Rehearsal
8:30 pm Break with refreshments by Cellos and Basses
8:40 pm Continue
Wed May 12 7:30 pm Run through in concert order
8:30 pm Break with refreshments by Woodwinds
8:40 pm Work as needed
Wed May 19 7:30 pm Soloist Rehearsal
8:20 pm Break with refreshments by Brass/Percussion
8:30 pm Continue
Wed May 26 7:30 pm Soloist Rehearsal
8:00 pm Regular Rehearsal
8:40 pm Break with refreshments by First Violins
8:50 pm Work as needed
Wed Jun 02 7:00 pm Preview Concert Warmup
7:30 pm Preview Concert
Wed Jun 09 6:30 pm Warm up/sound check for Concert
7:30 pm Concert
Wed Jun 16 7:00 pm Board Meeting

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We are grateful for funding from King County 4 Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and matching funding by Microsoft and Boeing.