Board Retreat Minutes - July 22, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

In attendance:
Doug Potter
Madeline Beery
Lindsey Harris
Gennie Winkler
Cheri Paulin
John Dunne
Dana Rosenbladt
Teresa Metzger Howe

Outstanding business:
- Discussed which concert to dedicate to Cari. Decided to honor her at the fall quarter concert, invite Cari's family and list the dedication in the program.
- Doug requests that Cheri list (or star) the board members in the concert programs.
- Search for another board member/librarian:
- Betty doesn't want to be on the board, but would be the librarian if needed. Doug will talk with her about this.
- We do need another board member to make 9. We will have to figure out what that person's role will be. Ideas: Lynn or Tom Harryman.
- Teresa would like to have a meeting with the appointed librarian.
- Member survey mentioned in previous meetings has stalled. Decided not to go forward.
- Membership numbers have been reconciled between Madeline and Svetlana.
- We need quotes for grant-writing purposes. John will email questions to membership and will call Lila to solicit quotes.
- Storage space at the church has been rearranged by Bruce (from the church). We don't yet have a rental agreement from Wedgewood Comm. Church.
- 4Culture grant money: expecting an $1800 check for last year.
- Ideas for soliciting donations from audience members and building concert audience: United Way donations, Questionnaire for all audience members as a program insert (John putting together)

Five-year plan:

1. Find better rehearsal space - the acoustics in the current rehearsal space are way less than ideal (and the storage issue still has not been worked out).
Ideas: Pres. Church in Lake City is huge and new, University Christian Church (if they'll give us a deal)
2. Use a coach (or coaches) as soloists
3. Find a bassest and principal cellist
4. Better appearance at concerts: attire, stagecraft (more intentional)
5. Expand chamber music - chamber music must be coached - could do outreach
6. Look into educational outreach concerts
Ideas: combine with a dress rehearsal in a park or the Center House?
7. Increase audience at concerts

One year actions:

1. Look into UCC as a rehearsal space – need to check on cost of renting UCC, heating the space, food okay?, etc.

2. Recruit new orchestra members to fill sections: Trumpet?, Oboe?, Horn?, principal cellist… Cheri will put out Craigslist ad, Doug will email to find out which members are returning

3. Have a discussion with the group about dress and appearance – agreed that we don’t need to go the route of requiring tuxes, but could more strictly emphasize concert dress

4. See if we can find a chamber group coordinator – This could be a new board member position – would coordinate chamber groups not only to perform at full orch. concerts, but chamber groups could perform at retirement homes that the orchestra has outgrown

5. Look into possibility of Children’s Outreach Concerts– Cheri, Lindsey – one idea is trying a summer outreach concert in a park or other more accessible public space

6. Distribute and collect an audience questionnaire at a concert – edit John D’s drafted questionnaire – aim is towards increasing our audience by finding out how the current audience hears about us, what they prefer, etc.

7. Solicit retirement homes to send an activity bus to our concerts – Cheri offered for now - could be part of that "new board member position" mentioned in #4

8. Regularize Membership Service – Doug- present new orchestra members with a document (that could also be posted online) that would explain what they need to know about rehearsals, sectionals, logging onto the website, dues, etc.

9. Violas need a place for sectionals - Dana

10. Hold special event for Teresa's 10th anniversary as conductor.