Board Meeting December 2, 2020

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

In attendance: Madeline Beery, Hanan Bell, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Koko Morgan, Doug Potter, Bruce Sherman, Anne Warner, and Gennie Winkler

Approval of Minutes
The minutes for the Board Meeting on November 5, 2020 were approved as amended. General Meeting minutes for November 18, 2020 were also approved.

Election of Next Year's Officers
The following people were elected to the Board of Directors for a one year term during the Symphony's General Meeting: Doug Potter; Koko Morgan; Kathleen O'Keeffe; and Anne Warner.
The Board members elected the following members as officers of the Symphony for 2020 - 2021 season: President: Doug Potter; Vice-President: Gennie Winkler; Secretary: Koko Morgan; and Treasurer: Bruce Sherman. Kathleen O'Keeffe will serve as Publicity Coordinator and Anne Warner be the Membership Director.

Treasurer Transition
The treasurer transition from Linda to Bruce is complete. Bruce has all the accounts in Quicken. The grant funds from King County 4Culture will be directly deposit to the credit union and Seattle Arts and Culture grant will send a check. Currently, there is approximately $29,000 in the savings account and $2,900 checking account.

Grant Status and Fundraising
The Seattle Arts and Culture grant is $580. This is available every three years. We will receive a onetime Covid-19 Relief grant of $1,000 from King County Arts and Culture office. The paperwork for the three year King County 4Culture grant of $2,100 has been submitted.

There is a State funded grant opportunity targeted at supporting small businesses and non-profits. The maximum amount is $20,000. Doug, Madeline, and Bruce will work on applying for it.

Ensembles/Plans for Winter Quarter 2021
A. Online Study Group
Teresa will offer an online study group which will meet Tuesday or Thursday. All instrumental groups can participate.

B. In-person Ensembles
In-person ensembles will need to form their own groups and arrange for a place to meet. All Covid-19 precautions will need to be observed.

C. On-line Ensembles
There will be one on-line ensemble meeting on Wednesday nights using the software program Jamulus. Doug is willing to help people get familiar with Jamulus. Up to 20 people can play in Jamulus, however smaller groups are better. Teresa will find some music for woodwinds and brass quartets or quintets for Jamulus.

Doug will put together an email to send to the Symphony members for Winter Quarter.

For the grant applications, it would be good to get photos of the various ways we are meeting. Also, knowing the number of groups as well as the number of times they met will aid in strengthening the grant submissions.

Next Board Meeting
Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 7:00 pm via Zoom.