Board Meeting August 15, 2021

Sunday, August 15, 2021

In attendance: Madeline Beery, Hanan Bell, Charlotte Hotchkiss, Teresa Metzger-Howe, Jackie Kirn, Koko Morgan, Kathleen O'Keeffe, Doug Potter, Bruce Sherman, Anne Warner, and Gennie Winkler

Approval of Minutes
The May 14, 2021 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as amended.

Bruce and Doug have sorted out the finances for the fiscal years 2020 and 2021. It took them a large amount of effort to do this. The money is now all in one account and it has now been simplified going forward. A big thanks to Doug and Bruce.

Looking more closely at the fiscal year ending June, 30, 2021, Rain City Symphony has assets worth $ 33,739. This amount is up from last year's fiscal end due in part from the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection Program Loan. The expenses were lower owing to money not being spent on venues for the concerts as a result of the Covid restrictions. The grants-loans have been forgiven and they are in our accounts.

This year dues were discussed. The board would like to test an all donation model. A motion was made to make all money received by Rain City Symphony be a donation. The suggested donation amount will to be $75 per quarter. A motion was passed to use this model.

Vaccine and Covid Policy
Chas Arnold, Director of the Music Center of the Northwest (MCNW), says all the vaccinated people must show proof of a vaccine to be in the Center. Those who are not vaccinated must have a negative Covid test within 48 hours prior to entering the building. The wind players must have a bell covers. There will be no snacks or drinks with the exception of bringing your own water. The number of people who can be in the room is still being negotiated. It is thought to be around 50 people. We will follow the rules of the State. For the people who cannot participate in person, we will attempt to use Zoom to show and hear Teresa.

The Rain City Symphony by consent adopted a policy that all people have to be vaccinated, except those who have medical reasons. The first time a player comes to the rehearsal he/she must show proof of vaccine along with the date of the vaccine. Each week an unvaccinated person must show proof of a negative Covid test. The documentation for the Covid vaccination will be collected by the Anne, Membership Director. We will immediately let people know of this policy.

A waiver making RCS not responsible for the transmission of Covid to others should be looked out at. It could be fashioned after MCNW waiver.

A motion was made to have RCS purchase bell covers for all the wind and brass players. The motion passed unanimously.

Venue Report
Preview concerts will be unlikely this year, because of the ongoing Covid restrictions. There is a possibility of doing live streaming into the nursing and retirement homes. Mirabella retirement is a possible site, as well as Providence Mount St. Vincent in West Seattle. Gennie will check with the retirement homes to see if they can handle live streaming. We are anticipating a Spring preconcert at Josephium in Seattle. Mount St. Vincent wants us back, but the logistics of getting there are prohibitive.

Grant Status
The King County 4Culture grant period is from January to December. The grant amount is $ 2,100 for 2021. The Seattle Arts & Culture grant of $ 695 is due by the end of December. Pictures are helpful in receiving grants. Pictures and the number of people attending the Magnuson Park function would be useful.

Music Director's Report
The number of people in the orchestra will be limited. If the orchestra is to be balanced, we need 54 people which is higher than the 50 recommended. Chas will need to be informed.
The letter letting members know of the orchestra's plans needs to include the information that the attendees will be selected based on a first come, first serve basis. Anne will track the letters of intent as they come in. If a section has too many people, they will be wait-listed. People on the wait-list will be added as the numbers change.

Sectionals for Fall
All people who go to sectionals need to be vaccinated. There might be a way to record it or stream it to those who are not vaccinated.

Five Year Goals Strategic Plan
1. Have a full orchestra - looking for basses
2. Increase attendance at concerts - use Lake City businesses as advertising sites
3. Better member participation in the orchestral operations
4. Increase funding network
5. Develop the musicians as people better membership participation by younger members
6. Increase diversity in the Symphony
7. Continue to be true to our mission of nurturing and promoting the appreciation of music by providing quality classical music performances in the Puget Sound region at no charge to the audience.
Here are a few ideas for fulfilling our mission:
--Reach out to the high school orchestras to community college music programs to make them aware of our Symphony
--Increase the coach participation in the Symphony by having them come and play with the section they coach

One Year Action Plans
1. Increase Diversity in the Symphony
--Invite Clinton McNair from Seattle University to the Board meeting to have him speak about diversity.
--Documenting diversity of membership - create a questionnaire in survey monkey. The people can decline to answer.
2. Continue to track attendance at concerts, post better pictures on the website, and find someone to watch donation box
3. Identify alternative venues for preview concerts
Idea for alternative venues:
--Have the performances streamed live to retirement homes and centers as well as family members
4. Increase the number of string basses -- have Anna, the coach, to encourage her students to join
5. Maintain and improve relations with MCNW
6. Document job descriptions for Board members
7. Survey of the orchestra on how year went at the end of the year
8. Increase publicity to increase attendance
9. Fix the mailing list problems
10. Find a house manager for venue setup, tear down, and minding the cash box - research the cost and document the duties

Next Board Meeting
The next Board Meeting is October 13, 2021 at 6:30 pm at the Music Center of the Northwest.