April 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 12, 2012

RCS Meeting of the Board of Directors
April 11, 2012
Wedgewood Community Church

In attendance:
Doug Potter
John Dunne
Lindsey Harris
Cari Sutton
Gennie Winkler
Cheri Paulin
Svetlana Gladycheva
Madeline Beery
Theresa Metzger Howe
Dana Rosenbladt,

Old Business:
December minutes – one correction and approved.

New Business:

Treasury Report:
• A neutral budget is anticipated for the year.

• Svetlana not in attendance for the official report, but we think it (the membership dues collected) should work out about even with a few people not paying dues, a few new people signed on, and few people donating extra.
Concert Venues:
• Josephinum – confirmed they’re expecting us - dealing with the manager directly – wants 15 posters and individual flyers – adjoining church members will be invited to the concert as well – advised to be cautious about security
• June 6th concert is at University Christian Church
• New policy: we request free use of the space for the fall concert, when we are going to donate all proceeds from the concert to the UC Emergency Fund (or another charity)
• Ginnie will rent room for end of year potluck after June 6th concert (approx. $100)
• Exploration of future venues: We won’t hold ourselves to being at a retirement home every quarter. Why not go to Joseph Inium up to 2 times a year? See what kind of audience we get this time. Not enough audience at Norse Home. Other possibilities: Bayview Manor (lower QA) and St. Vincents’s (White Center).

• First rehearsal of fall quarter: Sept. 12th instead of Sept. 5
• Teresa not here Aug. 19-Sept. 3 – may interrupt dates for board retreat

• Teresa’s 10 yr anniv. as conductor is Jan 2013
• List of past repetoire: would like all membership to vote on their personal favorite pieces from the past 10 years to choose one to perform (vote at break of final rehearsal)
• For fall: Rain City Symphony and Rainbow City Women’s Choir collaboration - want to do Randall Thompson’s The Place of the Blessed – will split cost of renting music ($295 total)
• 4Culture should come observe December concert, when we’ll be in concert with women’s choir
• Winter quarter concert: Flute/Oboe concerto

• John has some ideas for fundraising for next year – a good retreat topic

Submitted by Lindsey Harris, Secretary