Board Minutes for 8/18/2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

                                                Rain City Symphony 

                                                Board Meeting Minutes

                                                2010 August 18

Location:  Alan Shaw’s

Present:  Maria Akiyama                   Doug Potter        Gennie Winkler

               Alan Shaw                           Cheri Paulin        Cari Sutton

               Teresa Metzger-Howe         Carol Horowitz    Bette Robbins


Old Business

1.  June 9, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes were approved as emailed.

2.  Rental agreement approved as emailed.


New Business

1.  Treasurer’s report.

 IRS forms were filed.

 The current treasurer’s report is posted on the website. 

 A check from the City of Seattle has been received.


2.  Conductor’s report.

            Incorrect Vivaldi parts that were received have been returned and new parts sent at no charge.

            Since the first rehearsal will be the Vivaldi involving only oboes and strings, Teresa suggests that others form ensembles.

            For winter quarter Dvorak, Doug will contact a friend of Rosemary’s who has expressed interest in playing the English horn with RCS.

            Funding may be available for coaches for ensembles from ACMPA.


3.  Membership report.

            Carol will not be available for the first rehearsal.  Carol will prepare the forms and recruit her replacement for that evening.


4.  Library report.

            The music in the RCS library for Fall quarter has been pulled.  Arrangements have been made for copying and sending to coaches.

            RCS’s Marche Slav is an arrangement and not acceptable.  Teresa has obtained originals from the Thalia library.

            All music from Spring has been returned to the library.


5.  Publicity report.

            The Board reviewed and edited the brochure copy.

            Board members signed up for distributing the brochures.


6.  Coaches.

            All coaches have been confirmed for Fall quarter and brass coaches are set for the year.  Other coaches need to be confirmed for the Winter and Spring. 

            Locations for Fall will be:

                        Woodwinds-Doug will arrange.

                        First violins- Tentatively, Aki’s home.  Aki will arrange with Laurie.

                        Second violins-Kim Zabelle’s

                        All others-church


7.  Fall quarter preparation.

            Advertising.   Gennie will support Cheri with the Craig’s list since Cheri will be gone.


                        Doug will send out request for confirmation of returning winds and percussion.

            Welcome back message from Aki.

                        Aki will include snack assignments.

                        Aki will include a message about the stand light raffle.

                        Aki will include a notice about ordering RCS tee shirts.


8. 2011 Officers.

            Alan reminded us that he will be preparing the slate and requested that current Board members let him know if they wish to continue.


9.  Stand lights raffle.

            Gennie in charge.  There will be 52 tickets (playing cards),  $5 each, winner will be announced at the general meeting in Nov.  Carol will sell raffle tickets at rehearsals.


10.  RCS tee shirts.

             Gennie volunteered to be in charge of ordering and procuring RCS tee shirts.  Thank you, Gennie!


Respectfully submitted.

Bette Robbins, Secretary