Board Minutes for 9/22/2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

                                                Rain City Symphony

                                                Board Meeting Minutes

                                                2010 September 22    6:30 pm


Location:  Wedgewood Community Church

Present:  Maria Akiyama       Doug Potter    Gennie Winkler

               Alan Shaw               Cheri Paulin    Cari Sutton

               Carol Horowitz        Teresa Metzger-Howe      Bette Robbins

Old Business

1.  August 18, 2010 board meeting minutes approved as corrected and emailed.

2.  Email votes passed since last meeting were:  initiation of percussion sectionals; pay Kathy Rand $100 for percussion equipment advice and attendance at first rehearsal; and purchase of cymbals.

3.  The orchestra voted on 9/15 to have 9 rehearsals winter quarter and 8 for spring in order to avoid the Ash Wednesday venue problem.

New Business

1.  Treasurer’s report emailed.  Doug reported that there is nothing unusual or anything to be concerned about. 

2.  Conductor’s report.  None

3.  Membership report emailed.  38 members paid thus far and 20 more anticipated.  One scholarship ($25) has been granted thus far.  All monies, roster and email addresses have been given to the Treasurer.  3 persons have made donations above the dues level for a total of $70.

4. The Librarian requested a Sat. work party to purge arrangements and update the inventory list.  Cari will coordinate dates with Teresa and request assistance from the entire orchestra.  To be completed in October.

Doug suggested that he put the music library inventory on the web.

5.  Publicity report.  Cheri shared her research for the concert covers.  A motion to proceed with creating and printing the 8 ½”X11”, color cover, not to exceed $300 was passed.  Cheri to request help for the orchestra for “stuffing” covers prior to each concert.  Teresa offered he husband’s assistance with design.

Jo Gustafson, University Churches Emergency Fund, requests publicity two weeks prior to concerts.

6.  Sectional coaches.  Alan reviewed the locations and coaches for fall quarter.

            First violins---Laurel’s/Laurie           Second violins---Kim’s/Kim

            Brass---church/Lauren                        Woodwinds---Svetlana’s/Dan

            Violas----church/Eileen                       Cellos, bass---church/Meg


7.  Miscellaneous

·       A motion to purchase a snare drum stand for <$100 was passed.  Purchase of other requested percussion instruments can be discussed as the music requires.  John is submitting grants for tympani and bass drums.

·       5 gig light raffle tickets and 8 t-shirt requests received thus far.

·       Winter venues for changed dates are progressing.  Faith Luthern is firm and Four Freedoms has been requested.