Email Communications in lieu of January 6, 2021 Board Meeting

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Email Communications to the Board and Symphony Members
The following emails were set out to the various Symphony members. The propose was to organize and communicate the possible activities the Symphony members could participate in during the Winter Quarter 2021.

December 19, 2020 - Board Member Email
Doug sent a document link to the Board members containing the proposed activities for Winter Quarter 2021. The members were to read and edit it.

December 20, 2020 - Symphony Member Email
Doug sent the following email to Symphony members informing them of the Winter Quarter 2021 activities they could participate in:

Member Name, as in the Fall, we have three options for participating this Winter. You are welcome to participate in as many of these as you feel able. Please make a donation for your winter participation by going to the website and hitting the donate button.

Online study group
This is Teresa’s Zoom study group similar to Fall Quarter. The activities are
1. Group score study
2. Brief reports on the composer and/or musical style period
3. An individual plays while others play along muted
4. Playing along to a YouTube performance of the composition
5. Working in breakout rooms of groups of 2-4 musicians.
6. One sectional per instrumental group.
This group meets on Tuesday or Thursday evening (Teresa prefers Thursday, but will consider Tuesday if enough people prefer it).

All instruments are welcome, but Teresa would like to know who is participating so she can pick the repertoire. The instrumentation for Fall was 2 flutes, 3 violins, 3 celli and one horn, the work was Haydn’s London Trio No. 1.

Please let Teresa or me know by December 28th if you wish to participate in this. Teresa needs to pick the music and arrange to get it bowed.

In-person ensembles
For Winter, we are not going to attempt to form additional in-person ensembles. However, you are welcome to organize your own group of four or more people with whatever ensemble and music you choose. You can use the roster (see below) to find other players. Guests are OK, but we ask that they make a donation to RCS.

Groups should observe all precautions: Health check, Distancing, Wear Masks. If you organize such a group, send the details to so we can arrange a coach and a place to play if you need it.

On-line ensembles
Up to 20 people have met on Wednesdays to play together using Jamulus – software that makes playing together over the internet (mostly) possible. It has been a bit of a hodgepodge as we try to decide what to play based on who shows up (kind of like a large group of people trying to decide on a restaurant).

What we would like is that people form groups to play particular music, similar to how we’re asking the in-person ensembles to form. You can use the roster (see below) to find other players.

If you haven’t used Jamulus yet and want to, let me know and I’ll arrange for someone to help you. If there are enough people interested, we’ll start a small group to consult with.

Steve Marx is creating a group to play Brandenburg 2 and 3. The time is probably Wednesday evenings at 7:30. The usual instrumentation is three violins, flute, oboe, trumpet, three violas, three cellos, bass, and harpsichord – where Steve is supplying the bass and harpsicord (his spouse). We have played through this on Wednesdays with clarinets playing the viola parts – thanks to Hanan for the music transformation (if you’re a viola and are shuddering – show up and make that unnecessary), flutes playing the violin parts, and bassoons playing the cello parts. Please contact Steve or me if you’re interested in this group.

Nancy Gove is organizing a wind group to play either
1. Gounod Petite Symphonie (fl, 2 obs, 2 cls, 2 hns, 2 bsns) -or-
2. Carl Reinecke Octet for Winds, Op. 216 (fl, ob, 2 cls, 2 hns, 2 bsns)
Please contact her or me if you’d like to play in this group.

Teresa suggests the following pieces for wind groups:
1. Mozart Serenade in C Minor (2 obs, 2 cls, 2 hns, 2 bsns) Some unison playing, the instrumental ranges are doable, 4 movements to pick and choose from.
2. Bach Fugue in C minor, arr. Rolock. (2 tpts, 1 hn, 2 tbns) Straightforward. Trumpets are in Bb.
3. Gabrielli Canzona Ch. 194, arr. Rondeau (2 tpts, 2 tbns) (Warning, trumpets are in C)
Her list of possible pieces is actually longer so contact me or her if you wish to see more options – and you can pick your own piece.

Using the online roster
Log in to your account at, then use the roster link at the bottom of the page.

If you’ve never logged in or don’t know your password, go to and follow the instructions. If you have any problems, contact me for help.


January 4, 2021 - Board Member Email

Next Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 7:00 pm

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